Why the choice of dates?

Dates are an optimal natural source of potassium (about two and a half times more than bananas)
Dates contain simple sugars(fructose and glucose) that the body uses to fuel its energy needs and never turn into fat.
Dates are nicknamed « brain food» because they contain phosphorus, a mineral needed for cell growth
Dates are high in fiber: 40 grams of dates are enough to provide 12% of the fiber requirement for the maintenance of a healthy digestive system
Dates are rich in antioxidants, minerals and nutrients, a necessary counterbalance to sodium in the daily diet
Dates are rich in iron. They are a natural remedy and very effective against anemia
Dates are rich in natural phenols, shield protecting the body from the ravages of foreign oxidants and inflammation
Dates contain essential vitamins for the body such as vitamins C, A, E and other vitamins of group B
Dates do not contain cholesterol or starch.

What makes DATY bars so unique?

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Daty bar recipes are developed in our laboratory based solely on fruit and dried fruits. The date is now at the heart of the preparation and remains the keystone of Healthy-Snacks. We give ourselves the objective of satisfying at best the expectations of our consumers in terms of taste and texture.

All our products are guaranteed gluten free, no added sugars, no dairy products and no additives. The bar itself is created with the utmost respect for natural ingredients, selected with care and attention. Our philosophy has always been to create simple snacks, with no additions or modifications, using ingredients

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