Who are we ?

To understand the universe of the brand DATY, we must go back to the origins of the adventure. The instigator of this project, Ridha Boujbel, was born and raised in the family Boujbel, specialized for three generations in the export of dates. A secular love and a passion for the cultivation of fruit were inculcated father-to-son. Always immersed in the love of this miracle fruit, and imbued with the new "on-the-go" consumption trends of her generation, the idea was there and the choice in his mind: to develop a new product that reinvents the date, a snack that is both healthy, energetic and affordable, all without compromising the quality of the ingredients. Following several market research studies conducted on the Healthy Snack sector in Europe and Canada, and after developing the first samples, Ridha Boujbel began to have a positive feedback from the various prospects contacted. He launched himself into the adventure of healthy snack bars: an innovative product, simple in composition and very healthy by its ingredients that put dates and dried fruits in the spotlight: gluten-free, no added sugars, no additives and without dairy products. As a result, the bars entered the industrialization phase and after a while DATY signed a collaboration with a partner who shared the same vision in terms of quality and the quest for innovation: keeping their value system based on honesty and respect of the consumer.

Our quality policy

notre politique qualité

DATY! Your producer committed to "eating well" At DATY, our philosophy is to work continuously to improve and develop the quality approach. We are certified for ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and HACCP. At the factory, the laboratory is managed by a quality team that is in charge of carefully monitoring the main quality parameters at all levels of the value chain.

Missions et valeurs

mission et valeurs

In the era of current socio-cultural and economic changes, consumption habits are evolving, leaving room for the advent of fast food modes, more ingenious but above all healthier. It is in this context that DATY has joined the credo of "Healthy snack", a market trend that has grown in recent years. While the pace of urban life of consumers continues to grow, DATY has set the goal of offering low-calorie and satiating snacks, to ensure good food hygiene for all. Our brand wants to break the confusion between "snack" and "Junk-Food".
The missions of DATY can be summarized as follows:
The valorization of dates (as a miracle food), The incentive to consume dates differently, Constant and continuous search for new concepts based on fruits (mainly dates), The conversion of nibbling into an activity that creates healthy and unreflective body benefits, and Popularizing the healthy snack for all.
Our values :
Honesty & Integrity:
DATY wants to be honest and transparent in its approach starting from the origin of its ingredients, their percentages in the recipes and the processes of transformation. We want to communicate all the necessary information to the consumer regarding the nutritional labeling of bars. Our vision is crystal clear: Only work with the best partners and suppliers of raw materials, using fair and ethical processes.
Zero tolerance in terms of quality:
For DATY, the quality of the raw material and the respect for hygiene are a priority. In addition, we opted for an automated integrated line to limit human intervention on our products. Our specifications have carefully specified the selection procedures of our suppliers and the importance of traceability.
Well-being for all!
At DATY, we believe that everyone should have access to well-being and balanced hygiene. More than a trend, we consider it to be a lifestyle congruent with recent changes in consumer habits. To taste yes, but to taste in a healthy and satisfying way. We offer affordable and convenient snacks for all tastes, different times of the day and all ages.

Our R&D

notre r&d

R&D remains at the heart of the brand's strategy. Research activities are an integral part of DATY's own innovation-oriented policy. In the interest of continuous innovation, our R&D department is constantly looking for new unique flavors to expand our range and satisfy the different tastes of our customers. Our internal laboratory thinks and designs the recipes, tests them and proposes to validate them with the customers, always in coherence with the expectations of the market. Each of these recipes meets a number of specifications for each customer. The R&D department is organized around the following key points: Active listening to customer feedback Monitoring new trends in the snacking market Tracking technological and regulatory developments from the scientific watch conducted Study of the feasibility of new innovative projects (particularly in terms of texture, taste, physical appearance, packaging, etc.) DATY therefore relies on its R&D department with its integrated laboratory to bet on innovation and growth.

Our factory

notre usine

Our factory is located in Beni Khalled, north-west of Tunisia. Our production headquarters occupies an area of ​​1,200 m2 built on the principle of "walking forward" that avoids cross contamination in accordance with good hygiene practices. Our factory makes it a point of honor to control the production process throughout the supply chain from raw materials to the packaging of finished products. The plant is organized around four major departments namely production, research & development, administration and finally quality. Our state-of-the-art machines offer us a very high production yield with great flexibility in terms of product appearance (bars, balls, sticks). Depending on the nature of the order, and customer specifications, all departments will coordinate to issue the distinctive requests in terms of raw materials, production and packaging.

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